Julie Bowen Weighs In on Sofía Vergara's Single Life After Joe Manganiello Breakup

Julie Bowen Talks Baby2Baby Helping SoCal Wildfire Victims

Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara are in hot pursuit of a girls night out.

Julie Bowen Weighs In on Sofía Vergara's Single Life After Joe Manganiello Breakup

The Modern Family stars have a night of dancing in their future—just ask Julie, who may not have the best moves, but she isn't about to quit now.

"I would like that very much," the 53-year-old exclusively told E! News. "Oh, but she would be so mad at me because I can't dance. She's such a good dancer. She just does this slow hip roll for hours. And that's a lot of what hanging out with her is—it's slow rolling it for a long time." 

As for when the duo will hit the dance floor? Well, she and Sofia, who announced her divorce from Joe Manganiello after seven years of marriage last month, are going to have to make it a hot girl winter.

"We're gonna have to see, she's been traveling a lot and so was I," Julie confessed. "We have to wait for the summer to cool down."

But nevertheless, the Hubie Halloween actress can't wait for this next chapter for Sofia.

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"Everything she does, she does with grace," Julie gushed. "And she rises above and she just goes forward. She's warm and generous and giving to everybody around her. I have no doubt that if she wishes to be in a relationship she will be but she sure don't need one."

And giving back is something Julie knows about first hand.

The Quitters podcast host recently teamed up with Feeding America to host a volunteer event at a local Los Angeles food bank, along with donating products from the skincare line she developed: JB Skrubคำพูดจาก เว็บตรงอันดับ1. The line was created for preteen boys with the idea of having them "master the simple basics of getting clean." A notion that should apply to everyone, no matter their circumstances.

"I think that the dignity of being able to do that is something that's really important to people who are unhoused, who are living out of their cars" she said. "A lot of the clients at the food banks—where I've been lucky enough to volunteer with Feeding America—have kids this age and it just seemed like a natural fit. I can't wait until JB Skrub is way more successful so we can give away pallets of stuff instead of just one product at a time. But any anything I can do to help."

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Julie also noted how just learning the basics can make a world of difference for those getting the hang of hygiene at a young age.คำพูดจาก สล็อต888 PG

"It's empowering and it should be empowering for my kids, your kids, anybody kids," she told E! News, "and it should be empowering as well for kids who are visiting the food banks all over the country to know that they can get clean."

She added "Feeling a sense of dignity is the most important thing. Socks and food are the two most ask for items and then after that come a lot of hygiene products and we're happy to be part of that."

Feeding America

As for Julie's own get ready with me routine, Sofia's got some pointers. 

"She is always shocked but what a dirtbag I am in general," she admitted. "I am very much more of a boy mom and I wear my kids clothes. I'm actually wearing my kids sneakers right now. So her advice to me is generally, 'Julie can't you dress better?'"

And with the change of season right around the corner, Julie's got to turn out for their hot girl winter.  

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