Are Edibles Actually Good for Sleep-

About 14% of U.S. adults said they used marijuana edibles as of 2022, and research suggests many of them do so in search of better sleep. One small 2021 study of cannabis users found that more than three-quarters of them thought they slept better thanks to the drug.

But despite the popularity of using edibles for sleep, the data on how well they help people drift off are surprisingly mixe…

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What to Know About the MoviePass Relaunch

MoviePass is back. In April, co-founder Stacy Spikes spoke to TIME about his intentions to relaunch the popular moviegoing subscription service. Now Spikes has announced MoviePass’ official return date: September 5.

The company hopes to drive audiences to theaters during a particularly desperate moment for theaters. No major blockbusters have been released in the last several weeks …

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