Julianne Hough Cuts Her Own Hair In Dramatic Transformation Video

Julianne Hough Announced As New "DWTS" Co-Host

Out with the old, in with the new… DIY 'do.

Julianne Hough will be waltzing through the start of the new year with a new hairstyle that she gave herself. On Jan. 6, the Dancing With the Stars pro dancer-turned-judge-turned-cohost shared a video of herself taking a pair of scissors and cutting sev…

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Why People May Have Pig Organs Inside Them One Day

More than 116,000 Americans are waiting to receive an organ transplant, and about 20 die each day during the wait. Scientists are eager to find solutions to the organ shortage.

That’s why a recent landmark report in the journal Science, which detailed the creation of piglets that could potentially provide organs for human transplants in the future, is being heralded as a &l…

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